Saturday, March 17, 2012

Getting My Book Out There #1

Step 1: Write

The first step was, is and always will be writing a story. For me, this started with a dream that I couldn’t get off my mind. It had shaken me so badly that I had to share it with people; one thing led to another, and that same dream turned into a full-length story.

As I wrote Absolute Contamination, I also shared it on Wattpad, and I think that the comments I received with each chapter I uploaded really gave me that extra bit of motivation to keep writing. Writing is something you should do for yourself, but it’s undeniably true that it’s extra motivating when other people read and comment, and thus ‘live’ the story together with you. Just talking about your characters, the events that take place, etc… can inspire you to write. Not only did I want to write Absolute Contamination for myself, but I also wanted to share Keara’s journey with the readers. I wanted her to be able to tell her story, the whole story, no matter how painful it was. This was the most important to me and I am glad I was able to finish Keara’s story.  

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