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Ever thought about what you would do when the world around you was no longer the safe place you thought it to be? When every person you meet becomes an instant threat? When all around you turns to chaos, yet you have no idea what’s going on?

In Absolute Contamination, Keara Haynes tries to survive when the whole world changes so drastically. Keara and her two brothers are instantly forced to leave their home – completely unprepared and without the time to say their goodbyes. Ordered to relocate to the Safe Zones, their journey proves treacherous as they meet many unexpected obstacles along the way. Despite the chaos all around, they must hurry because death is only a single touch away…

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"A life might stop when it ends, but love will continue to exist…always and forever."

Letters To Be Told is a short story I wrote in 2010. It follows a day in the life of Carl, a retired man who lives all by himself after the death of his beloved wife.

Letters To Be Told is about love, loss, death, grieving and trying to move on. Sometimes we simply have to do with the cards we are dealt in life, whether we want to or not.

Read it here: Letters To Be Told on Wattpad

We all search for the reason behind everything that happens, and so does Lars. We all have something we want to change, so does Lars.
We all know there is such a thing as an evil smile, even Lars. We all know we are not always to blame, but, does Lars?

Silent Storms is a short story I wrote in 2010. It was the song 'Sleepless Nights' by Faber drive that inspired me to write this song.

Child abuse isn't something to take lightly, especially not when you know that it will scar that child for the rest of his/her life - physically and emotionally. By writing Lars his story, I want to share with you the voice of many children who are too afraid to speak up, or simply don't know they have the right to speak up.

Read it here: Silent Storms on Wattpad
Listen to the song here: Sleepless Nights by Faber Drive

Works in Progress

June 14 has always been a special day for Layna Reynolds, but in the year 2014, that day becomes more than simply her birthday. Layna finally turns 17, but this is not the only thing that happens. On June 14, a huge cover-up takes place and Layna may be one of the only people who really know that what the media feeds the public is not the truth… 

Layna has no idea what she’s up against, but she is determined to find out. All Layna is certain of is that what everyone else is led to believe is not true, and that her sister’s boyfriend has something to do with it. 

In Sixteen Moons, Layna finds herself challenged to uncover the truth behind the so-called ‘unique lunar phenomenon’. In her search for answers, Layna comes face to face with what she never believed to be possible, and the big question is, will she be able to prevent a disaster from happening?

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In "The Depths Of An Empty Mind" I collect the poems I've written. These poems are inspired by whatever it is that inspires me - which can be just about anything. However, most of these poems are based on how I imagine certain people would feel and/or think in certain situations. 

Read it here:  The Depths Of An Empty Mind on Wattpad

The first poem, "You Will Never Know", was one of the winning poems in the "Get your poem published Extravaganza! Contest" on Wattpad and got published. 

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