Saturday, December 10, 2011

How I started writing

Without a problem, I can keep my thoughts to myself, but truth be told, I have always liked to give my opinion on anything and everything as well. It’s just that I wouldn’t give my opinion unless it was specifically asked for. I’m not talking about mean and hurtful comments, far from actually. When someone asks me what I think, I’ll tell them, but only in a nice, and perhaps helpful way. 

Now, when I joined Wattpad (an online eBook site where you can share your stories and get feedback) it was nice to be able to comment about the stories I read. While reading a published book, I have thoughts and comments about it, but it is not as if I can tell the author what I thought of the book, now is it? Well, on Wattpad this is exactly the opposite. I do know that nowadays many authors interact with their fans through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc… but it isn’t quite the same. 

Uploading your own stories to Wattpad is a sign you want to receive feedback. And as a reader, you get to interact with the author of a story, letting him/her know why you did or didn’t like the book. You get to tell them whether they story or their characters had any impact on you at all. 

Just like many others, I started out as an avid reader. Talking to some of the authors on Wattpad was a bit scary at first. Not scary, actually, but more like…weird? But yes, when you receive a reply to one of the comments you made, it’s always exciting, especially when the author lets you know that your comment was actually helpful or simply made their day. 

After a couple of months of reading on Wattpad, I decided to give writing a try as well. And am I ever glad I did. I still have no idea how, when or even why I had the sudden urge to write something down as well, but if it hadn’t been for that moment, I think I still wouldn’t know that I actually quite enjoy writing.

Up until that very moment, the thought of writing a story myself had never even crossed my mind. In my eyes, you had books in bookstores and libraries, etc… but I don’t think I ever questioned where they came from. I am pretty sure that I never considered the fact that a person had to have taken the time to write down a fragment of their imagination. It’s by seeing all those ‘normal’ people writing such awesome stories on Wattpad that I realized writing was something everyone could do, or at least try. 
And this specific epiphany is what resulted in writing my own stories. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Support Absolute Contamination in the Watty Awards 2011!

It would be super appreciated and totally awesome if you could support Absolute Contamination in the Watty Awards 2011!

Absolute Contamination has been nominated in 2 categories:

- Horror (on the rise)
- Most Imaginative Setting

Voting is very simple and can be done on
[You don't even need to have an account!]

Thanks to everyone who voted already!

PS: you can read Absolute Contamination here:

PPS: Feel free to spread the word! 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Watty Awards 2011 - Round 2!

Absolute Contamination made it to the second round of the Watty Awards 2011!

Absolute Contamination will be competing against other finalists for a Watty Award under the following 2 categories:
- Horror
- Most Imaginative Setting

The Watty Awards 2011 section of the website will be up soon, which is where you will be able to vote. More info to come.

In the mean time, you can read Absolute Contamination here
I’d love it if you could let me know what you think of the story.

Thanks for all your support!