Friday, August 5, 2011

Author Revealed -- Kimberly Joy Villanueva

Kimberly Joy Villanueva is a19 year old student and lives in the Philippines. Even though she hasn’t completed any novels yet, she hopes to get her work published one day. Kimberly posts (some of) her work on Wattpad where she has gained many fans already and the number only continues to grow
At this moment… it is raining, and I don’t want to go to school, but I can’t skip.

I am known for… hmm in school, the girl who always laughs and smiles. At home, I’m the lazy daughter @.@ On Wattpad, I’m ilurvbooks :)

Instead of doing this… I should study for our quiz in Service Marketing but I’m procrastinating haha :D

I am the best at… maybe reading fast? I can finish a book in one sitting.

I envy the people who…Who do I envy? I don’t think I envy anyone.

I wish I were better at…writing. Or English! It’s not my first language, so I want to be good at it, which I really need to write well.

When I am really old I… want to look back at the things I did and then give myself two thumbs up because I did a great job. Something like that :)

I love… God, my family, friends, relatives, the people *singers, authors* who inspire me, my stories, and my books.

I don’t like… being lied at. I don’t like people talking behind my back.

I’d really want to… see one of my stories in a bookstore someday ^.^

I shouldn’t laugh at… people when they slide or trip, but I do xD

One day I will… marry the man of my dreams. Haha I’m just kidding! =)

I have learned the hard way that… lessons come after mistakes. .

I couldn’t live without… food, water, and books ;)

When I look in the mirror… I see myself.

I will never… hurt the people I love. If I do, it’s not intentional >.<

I want to move to… nowhere . . . There’s no place like home :) but I want to go to Europe.

I love singing along to… all my favorite songs :)

One book I recommend is…  The Hunger Games :>

I want to see…  all my Wattpad fans =D

I love life because… I’m living it. What’s not to love?

I am terrified of The people I love dying :( Snakes, worms, anything that crawls :/

My guilty pleasure is… A lot! Glee Project, PLL, and Vampire Diaries <3

Sleep is… a necessity :)

I prefer…  reading over writing lol

Sometimes I should… study but I am not because I’m wattpadding xD

If I could go back in time… I want to experience all the good memories that happened in the past. . I really do.

Last time I stood in line… was when I bought a book in a bookstore xD

I don’t see myself writing… about vampires, werewolves; that kind of stuff. I don't really know why...

I would steal if… it’s not illegal haha :D

One day I will write a story that… can change the world :))

The smell of… books is the best!

A song I could keep listening to is… hmm a lot, I think. I’ll never get tired of Taylor Swift’s songs <3

When I watch TV… I don’t like people talking to me, especially when I’m watching something that I like.

My motto in life is no other than Smile is the source of a happy life :)

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