Saturday, August 27, 2011

Author Revealed -- Monica Sanz

Monica Sanz is this week’s author in Author Revealed. Monica is 27-years old, lives in the United States and is a full-time mom, as well as a romance author. Together with her many fans on Wattpad, Monica hopes to have her stories published one day. So far, she completed several novels already, some of them you may know from Wattpad, such as “Flashbacks of a Fool”, “The Awkward Love Song of Abigail Archer” and “Faethfully Yours”.

At this moment, it is…way too early to be functioning without coffee.

 I am known for…my short attention span, random comments, and loud laugh. It’s a really loud…like really loud.

Instead of doing this, I should…be making more coffee. If this trails off into shkslaidjksgdhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it’s because I probably fell asleep on the keyboard.

 I am the best at…being me. It’s too much energy to try and be someone else

 I envy the people who…I don’t envy anyone. Again, too much energy.

 I wish I were better at…cooking! My husband is an amazing cook while I simply cook because my kids need to eat something :)

When I am really old I…want to look back on my life and say, “That was awesome!”

I love…God, my family, my life, writing, over sized sweaters, pizza (way more than I should), being happy, music--especially the band Mono, oh and the Backstreet Boys, UGGS (so comfy), honesty, and acts of kindness.

I don’t like…the cold. Anything below 50 degrees is just wrong. And I don’t like mean people. Nothing angers me more than seeing someone get bullied, or made fun of. It’s just wrong and there is no way around it.

 I’d really want to…win the lottery!

 I shouldn’t laugh at…Geico commercials. I’m not sure if they have them outside of the US. They are the most ridiculous commercials, but for some reason I find them hysterical. My husband just looks at me like I’m insane, which I probably am, but hey, he married me.

 One day I will…sit back and reap the reward of hard work!

I have learned the hard way…that not everything that looks good is good, and that the grass really isn’t greener on the other side.

 I couldn’t live without…God, my family, good music, great books, food, and writing.

 When I look in the mirror…I’m finally happy with what I see. It took long enough!

 I will never…Never say never is what the saying says, so I’ll stick to that.

 I want to move to…a bigger house would be nice. I actually really love my town and wouldn’t want to move anywhere else. I’d like to visit a boatload of places though.

I love singing along to…stuff I have no business singing along to! Rolling in the Deep is my favorite.

One book I recommend is…seriously, one? It would have to be Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. Never has a book made me think, and in turn influence my writing the way that book did. Taking Lives by Michael Pye is a really good one too. I’m not too into mystery and crime, but that was an awesome book.

I want to see…the aurora borealis. It’s something I’ve wanted to see since I was a little girl. A meteor shower would be pretty awesome too.

I love life because…it’s a gift, and full of so much possibility. It really is a beautiful thing.

I am terrified of…I’ll get back to you.

My guilty pleasure is…The Jersey Shore! There, I said it! I have watched every single episode since the first season.

Sleep is…a luxury since having kids.I haven't slept straight through the night, and/or past 7 in about five years.

I prefer…handbags over shoes.

Sometimes I should…cut myself some slack, but it’s hard. I’ve set the bar pretty high for myself.

If I could go back in time…I would do everything I didn’t do because of pride, listening to others, or fear of heartache.

Last time I stood in line…at my son’s school this morning, but I got extra hugs while we waited so it was worth it.

I don’t see myself writing…erotica. I just can’t and don’t even feel comfortable reading it.

I would steal if…it were a life or death situation for me or for my family.

One day I will write a story that…will touch the hearts and stay with everyone that reads it.

The smell of…rain is the most comforting scent ever.

A song I could keep listening to is…”Are You There” by Mono, or anything by Mono for that matter. Their music is more than music, it’s an experience.

When I watch TV…I zone out, so don’t bother talking to me.

My motto in life is no other than…Do onto others as you would have them do to you.

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