Friday, March 16, 2012

AdditionAddition by Toni Jordan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I can’t remember when I bought this book, but I was going through the books on my bookshelf to find one I could read next. It had to be a book of which I thought it wouldn’t suck me in the story in a way I’d have to put life on hold until I finished reading the very last word in the book. The Dutch version of Addition, is named “Alles Telt” which means as much as “Everything Counts” and it’s this version I read.
“Addition” by Tony Jordan seemed like an interesting read to me. The topic intrigued me, yet, it felt safe to read without forgetting to eat or to go to classes, deadlines, etc...

In general, I liked the story. It’d be a lie if I said I didn’t skip some parts here and there – mostly those about Nickolas. At first I read them, but about halfway through the book, I began to skip those passages. They were to informational to me, they didn’t seem to add to the story.

I found it interesting to read from Grace’s point of view. It gave a different look on OCD. To most, the actions and thoughts that go with OCD seem ridiculous, but while reading from Grace’s perspective, all of it actually makes sense. I consider “Addition” to be one of those ‘lighter’ reads but very interesting at the same time.

What I liked the most about this story is the humor. Grace’s sarcasm made me laugh a couple of times and I consider it one of the main reasons why I’d recommend this story to anyone else. On the other hand, the story felt a little shallow at times.

For a moment, I was afraid the ending wasn’t going to be the one I expected, but it all worked out in the end. And even though some won’t think it’s the best ending possible, I think it is. Not everything needs to be perfect, to be perfect…if that makes sense.

In short: I liked the story. It’s not one of my all time favorites, but it was an interesting read nonetheless. I’d recommend it because of its insight in OCD and the sense of humoristic touch.

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