Sunday, March 18, 2012

Getting My Book Out There #2

Step 1: Write (read

Step 2: Save it for later

Here’s what I did once I finished writing the epilogue. 

I did a quick spell-check in Word to catch some of the most obvious mistakes and then I didn’t read it again. The story was finished and I didn’t want to ruin that feeling of achievement. I had finished a book and it felt great. Starting to dissect my own writing in search for ways to improve the story would’ve killed my euphoria, so I didn’t do such a thing.  I still read and enjoyed the comments I received on my story, but I didn’t really do anything with the story itself. 

After a few weeks, I realized that the comments I received actually made me want to read my own story. I wanted to know what the story was like when you read it as a ‘reader’ instead of the ‘writer’ but this turned out to be more difficult than expected. To me, it was surprisingly hard to let myself get sucked into the story without noticing small mistakes here and there, to want to make small changes to the way I worded things. I attempted this several times, but in the end I knew it wasn’t going to work. So, until I came up with a solution, I would save my story for later and get back to it when it wasn’t as fresh in my mind anymore. 

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