Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big discovery: I'm a book nerd

I'm a list freak, as in: I make lists all the time, lists about the most random things. I even have lists that contain random facts *begins to speak inaudibly* about myself *cough* And the first fact on that list of random facts is: "I love random facts"... I didn't see that one coming.

So yes, back to what I wanted to say. I'm in the middle of "re-modeling" my bedroom and I've made quite some interesting discoveries so far. For one, I found my Walkman and it made me feel so old, yet, one day I'm going to spend an afternoon listening to my old cassettes. A long time ago, I could sit next to my radio for hours, recording my own radio shows.

Another of these discoveries is a part of the very long list of books that I've read. This part of the list covers all the books that I've read in 2003 and I know that I used to read way more than I do now, but 94 books really is a lot, in my opinion. Especially compared to the book challenge I did on Goodreads. At the beginning of the year, you could challenge yourself to read a certain amount of books. I picked 25 and I'm not even halfway, even though it's October already.

But yes, despite that I don't manage to read as much as I used to, there's still nothing that tops getting sucked into a good story!

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