Sunday, October 16, 2011

Author Revealed -- Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith is this week’s featured author in Author Revealed. Her main genres are fiction, romance and teen, and even though she doesn’t have any finished stories so far, she plans on getting two books finished by March and hopes to get published someday.

At this moment, it is… A really great day for writing just like every day.

I am known for… Right at this moment I am known for "Secrets make friends not secrets" and "Forever is only a word"

Instead of doing this, I should… Probably be working on my fall break A.I.M.S packet

I am the best at…Helping others work out their issues

I envy the people who…Have someone to share all their secrets with

I wish I were better at…Holding my temper

When I am old I…Will live at the ocean and continue writing and reading

I love…Life, the sun, and the moon

I don’t like…When people act selfish, better than you, and mouthy

I’d really want to…Be an amazing writer when I grow-up

I shouldn’t laugh at…People getting hurt

One day I will…Have someone to tell all my secrets to

I have learned the hard way…That life is always trying to break you

I couldn’t live without…Family and friends {Though some friends I could live without)

When I look in the mirror…I see exactly who I want to be staring back at me

I will never…Give up

I want to move to…Galveston Texas

I love singing along to…Any song playing{Except for Nicky Manaj,Miley Cyrus,and Justin Beiber}

One book I recommend is…"Marked"By P.C. cast

I want to watch…Anime

I love life because…Without it I wouldn't have experienced being alive

I am terrified of…What’s in the dark

My guilty pleasure is…Hershey dark chocolate bar

Sleep is… One of my favorite hobbies

I prefer…Being free

Sometimes I should…Think before I speak

If I could go back in time…I wouldn't do a thing as it might alter the time line

Last time I stood in line…Was for the midnight premier of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"

I don’t see myself writing…For me not to be writing I would have to be sleeping or both my hands broken

I would steal if…My family lost everything and were starving

One day I will write a story that…Makes every person smile and be happy

The smell of…Home makes me happiest

A song I could keep listening to is…Iris by the Googoo dolls

When I watch TV…It's flipped to whatever sounds good

My motto in life is no other than…Hakuna matata

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