Monday, April 16, 2012

Music & Writing

Do you write with music on? Why?

That really depends on how focused I am. Sometimes music keeps me focused on what I’m writing, other times I have to turn it off because it’s too distracting.

Instrumental music, as in: music used in movies, or just any instrumental music in general, is perfect to create a certain feeling while I’m writing. Like when I’m writing something sad, it helps when I’m listening to sad music at the same time. That’s when I prefer instrumental songs because sometimes lyrics get more attention from me than my story. So, if you’re easily distracted like me, but also want to create a certain mood as inspiration to write, I recommend instrumental music over songs with lyrics – especially the very catchy ones. 

However, I always listen to the playlist I create for a particular story before I start writing. Each one of my stories has a separate playlist with songs –instrumental or not- that somehow fit the storyline or feelings of my characters. I also try to visualize scenes to certain songs, that way it is easier to remember later on. All I have to do then is to listen to the right song and I’ll be able to see the whole scene in front of me. 

Basically, when I’m writing it’s either completely silent, or there’s instrumental music playing.

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