Sunday, October 2, 2011

Twilight Children by Torey Hayden

Twilight Children: Three Voices No One Heard Until a Therapist ListenedTwilight Children: Three Voices No One Heard Until a Therapist Listened by Torey Hayden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In short, "Twilight Children" follows Torey Hayden and 3 of her patients. I don't know what other people would think when they read the story, but I found it to be very interesting to see the progress Torey made in helping Drake, Cassandra and Greta. Perhaps, this has something to do with being a psychology student,and, in particular, my interest to work with children later on. But yes, I found it rather 'nice' to be able to read about this in a more practical setting, simply than pure theory. Certain aspects we've already seen in class, and it was interesting to see how Torey handled these things.

I think this story would be a nice read for other people as well, not just anyone who's interested in psychology, therapy and/or children. Because as it is, this book doesn't only focus on the therapy, it opens your eyes as a person, makes you aware of the big effects a single gesture, or a helping hand can have.

Now that I've read this book, I'll definitely look if I can find more of Torey Hayden's books!

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