Saturday, October 22, 2011

Author Revealed -- LadyAstor

Mari is a 16-year old Puerto Rican student/writer who’d love to get published one day. Her favorite genres are sci-fi and romance. So far she hasn’t finished any novels, but she hopes to get “Batteries Not Included” finished eventually. 

At this moment, it is… rainy. I swear, it was sunny a moment ago. Oh wait, it stopped raining.

I am known for… my slightly inappropriate sense of humor.

Instead of doing this, I should… be either studying or finishing that next chapter.

I am the best at… writing? ::shrug::

I envy the people who… write descriptive and long stories without trying.

My favorite time of the day... night. Or at least the afternoon.

I wish I were better at… talking to people I don't know well.

When I am old I… want to be happy (and a scientist or a doctor.)

I love… writing, music, my family, life... the list goes on.

I don’t like… petty high school drama. It's so... petty.

I’d really want to… learn how to dance better!

I shouldn’t laugh at… little kids that get in trouble.

One day I will… win a Nobel Prize. Or an Oscar. Or a Pulitzer prize. Even if I have to steal one.

I have learned the hard way… to pay attention to my surroundings.

The last cd I bought was... Rush by Aly and AJ (?) Haha, I don't buy CDs. I get my music online.

I couldn’t live without… my iPod.

When I look in the mirror… I hope there isn't a monster behind me...

I will never… sell myself out for a boy.

I want to move to… Why move to one place? Travel the world, babe!

I love singing along to… embarrassingly heartrenching songs. Or crazy and loud songs.

One book I recommend is… the Time Traveler's wife for the romantics, Hot Gimmick for the shojo manga lovers, and Uncle John's Bathroom Readers for those that like random facts (LOL, they really are entertaining.)

I want to watch… more movies, because you can never watch too many movies!

I love life because… if I don't love life, what can I love?

I am terrified of… failure, I guess.

My guilty pleasure is… sleep. Oh how I love sleeping.

Sleep is… the best thing ever. I come up with some of my best ideas in my dreams.

I prefer… sensitive guys over "bad boys".

Sometimes I should… be more focused.

If I could go back in time… I would set up shop at the Renaissance.

Last time I stood in line… at the grocery store. Me and my exciting life.

I don’t see myself writing… true horror. I've tried horror before, but it comes out cheesy and forced.

I would steal if… it was a last resort. I'm talking zombie apocalypse looting last resort.

One day I will write a story that… will have it's own Wikipedia page. That's when I'll know I've hit it big time.

The smell of… chocolate is the best thing that ever has a smell.

A song I could keep listening to is… Cuddle Fuddle by Passion Pit. The perfect WTF song.

When I watch TV… I'm usually doing something else at the time: studying, eating, reading, writing...

My motto in life is no other than… uh, do I have a motto? Probably "Don't screw up too badly."

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