Thursday, March 31, 2011

5 Things I Need In My Life - Part 1

1. Post-it notes

I have no idea what I would do without them. I use them daily, and for just about anything: Ideas for my stories, things I still need to do, song titles, band names, book titles, authors, birthdays, quotes, numbers, release dates of movies, albums and books...
You can find them anywhere; in my books, on my wall, on my desk, in my pockets, just everywhere!

2. Instant soup

What would life be without instant soup? Could we get it any easier than simply emptying the sachet, pouring hot water in a cup and stirring a little?
I'm not saying that instant soup is better than fresh, home-made soup, but still, it's easier. I don't think I can imagine myself, late at night, standing in the kitchen cooking 'real' soup, when the other option is so much easier.

3. Wikipedia

I use Wikipedia all the time. Not only do I find it helpful to find out what certain things are, but I also use it to translate things.
I find it easier to look something up in one language, and then in the left bar you can change the language and there you go... you have all the info you need in another language.

4. Socks

I really hate walking barefoot and I can't stand not wearing socks in shoes. It's horrible! So yes, I'm a sock person. In Winter I sleep with socks and when it's Summer I often walk on my socks outside.

5. Anti-frizz Hair Products

I seriously need these, because when I don't use them, I resemble an electrocuted poodle. If I don't use those products, my hair frizzes like crazy and I look as though I've been caught up in a tornado or something. So yes, I don't mind when I'm at home, but whenever I have to go out, those Anti-frizz hair products are a must have. 

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