Thursday, September 1, 2011

Author Revealed -- Secret Keeper

Secret Keeper is 16-years old and lives in Australia. She is a student by day and a Power Ranger by night, although I’m not entirely sure if I was allowed to share that bit of information. So far, Secret Keeper has finished writing three novels; however, at the moment she doesn’t have any plans of getting her stories published. Secret Keeper’s genre varies from Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance and Urban to Horror, Paranormal, Adult and Humor. 

At this moment, it is… too early for my liking

I am known for… my attitude and the fact that I'm a mythology and book nerd

Instead of doing this, I should… do my English homework, which was due three days ago

I am the best at… eating and being loud. Sometimes both at the same time.

I envy the people who… are able to stick to one project to write on and not be assaulted by pyscho-manic characters all day, all night.

I wish I were better at… holding my concentration

When I am old, I… want to rob a bank in a batman costume

I love… music, food, words and the 90s 

I don’t like… school and most people in it

I’d really want to… grow some balls and kiss someone for no reason

I shouldn’t laugh at… my teacher scowling my friends. BUT I CAN'T HELP IT!

One day I will… be a better student... yeah, okay. I'm not fooling anyone.

I have learned the hard way… Vegemite ain't the sweetest thing to eat as soon as you wake up

I couldn’t live without… TUMBLR

When I look in the mirror… I usually have to wipe it, it's so filthy. Then I drool over my good-lookingness

I will never… judge a person based on what I've heard. 

I want to move to… San Francisco, California 

I love singing along to… Backstreet Boys, N*sync and Britney Spears

A book I recommend is… Snitch by Allison van Diepen

I want to watch… St. Trinians 3!

I love life because… my best friends gimme free food!

I am terrified of… odd sounds at night

My guilty pleasure is… historical romance

Sleep is… the second best thing, after Tumblr of course

I prefer… Mary-Kate to Ashley

The last thing I ate... Pasta. Yum

Sometimes I should… really see a doctor...

If I could go back in time… I would go to the 90s and have the best time of my otherwise lame life!

Last time I stood in line… Yesterday morning for assembly at school >.<

I don’t see myself writing… Thriller, I'd scare myself!

If I had unlimited cash for one day... I'd buy a webcam, movies and BOOKS

I would steal if… I wasn't so clumsy

One day I will write a story that… My obsession with all things 90s!

The smell of… new books is like my drug

A song I could keep listening to is… What's Going On - All Stars Tribute, 2001 MTV

When I watch TV… I completely and utterly envision myself in the show

My motto in life is no other than… Believe, Dream, Hope and eat everything in sight

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