Friday, July 29, 2011

Author Revealed -- Demetria

Today’s author in Author Revealed is no other than Demetria, also known as Thischickisbomb on Wattpad. Demetria is an 18-year old College student and lives in the United States. She has completed several stories so far, of which two novels. At this moment in time, Demetria isn’t focused on getting any of her work published, but that doesn’t take away that she has gained numerous fans already who truly enjoy her stories.

  • My name is… Demetria
  • I am known for… laughing when nothing is funny.
  • Instead of doing this, I should… be preparing for colloge, writting, cleaning.
  • I am the best at…laughing:D
  • I envy the people who…can be themselves around any and everyone.
  • I wish I were better at…alot of things.
  • When I am old I… want to be successful
  • I love… music and words
  • I don’t like…bugs
  • I’d really want to… travel the world someday.
  • I shouldn’t laugh at…people when they fall, but it's entertaining to me. lol
  • One day I will…meet the man of my dreams. lol that was so cliche.
  • I have learned the hard way…that not all people are nice and everything isn't what it seems.
  • I couldn’t live without…family, friends, music, and animals.
  • When I look in the mirror… I see me!
  • I will never…sell my soul, it's very wrong!
  • I want to move to…any place other than here.
  • I love singing along to…omg anything. I love music so I can sing along to  anything from Paramore to Eminem to Trey Songz to Kings of Leon to Drake to Parachute to Josh Turner to Michael Jackson and then to Keith Sweat or Elton John. I love music. Any genre I'm up for! I really love old music though! Okay let me stop because I can talk for days about music.
  • One book I recommend is… The Kite Runner by: Khaled Hosseini. Very inspirational book. Definitely a tear jerker which I love and it stays on you mind months after you have read it.
  • I want to watch… Pretty Little Liar, The Closer, CSI: Miami, and Bad Girls Club
  • I love life because… it was given to me for a reason, and I won't take it for granted.
  • I am terrified of…death... that was kind of eerie!
  • My guilty pleasure is…singing in the shower to the top of my lungs.
  • Sleep is… the best thing ever. I should probably get more of it.
  • I prefer…vanilla over chocolate in some cases.
  • Sometimes I should…think more about others
  • If I could go back in time… I would keep in touch with everyone I have met.
  • Last time I stood in line… was at the waterpark, oh wait no! It was the Red Box.
  • I don’t see myself writing…just to get published. I'm not even interested really at the moment. It's just a hobby.
  • I would steal if… it was my last option. I've only stolen once and it was a pack of gum when I was like five. I didn't know any better. I'm definitely not into the five finger discount.
  • One day I will write a story that… everybody can relate to.
  • The smell of…Fall always makes me happy. It just had a notstalgic smell to it.
  • A song I could keep listening to is…Breakeven by The Script or Obssession by Frankie J
  • When I watch TV… I clean.
  • My motto in life is no other than…nothing. I don't have a motto, maybe I'll gain one in the years to come.:D

--> Read some of Demetria’s work here:

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