Wednesday, June 1, 2011

End Of The World Contest on Bookrix

Last weekend, I have entered my book Absolute Contamination in the End Of The World Contest on Bookrix.
You can still vote until June 10, 2011 !


Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous commenter, just to observe the views of your awesome 'pimping' page. And I must say that this has inspired me to try and make my blog better and more organised.

You're inspired me @Webby--uh, I mean, Vicky. o.o

And some might even say they find it to be quite irking...if you will. :P

Anyway, keep up your awesomeness, and I love how it says "read inside" - it looks so professional. :) <3

Much love,

Damn it! *Palmface*

Anonymous said...

PS, anonymous commenter must learn to spell. -.-