Thursday, April 28, 2011

Absolute Contamination - Chapter Ten

So, this is a small excerpt of the next chapter of Absolute Contamination. This will be chapter 10 and is named "Silhouette Of A Life"

I still have to edit this part and I want to apologize for any mistakes.
This chapter should be uploaded onto Wattpad sometime tomorrow and then you'll be able to read it here: 

Before I knew it, I had walked all the way back and Hunter and Emily came back into view. The sight of Hunter’s motionless body on the ground made my heart stop. Furious at myself because I hadn’t been there for him while he died, I had a hard time holding back the angry tears that threatened to spill.

As I moved closer, I noticed that Emily held his hand as she sat next to him. Not just that, she was talking to him. I still wasn’t close enough to hear what she was saying, but suddenly my hopes raised and I fastened my pace. Could it be that he wasn’t dead yet?

The moment I reached them, I dropped down on my knees next to Hunter, taking a firm hold of his other hand. Relief washed through me as he opened his eyes and an ever so faint smile tucked at the corners of his mouth.

 “He’s tired,” said Emily while looking up at me, “but he didn’t want to sleep before you were back. I told him that was a stupid idea.”
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