Monday, April 25, 2011

Absolute Contamination - Chapter Nine

The next chapter of absolute Contamination should be up soon, only a matter of a few hours as I am now re-reading all of it and making small changes. But, in the mean time I thought I'd post a small excerpt for those who are interested.

“Hey!” Hunter suddenly shouted as he shot up. “Give that back!”

Startled I snapped my eyes open; apparently I had begun to drift off to a slumber, and now I noticed Hunter chasing some guy through the grass that led to the path. Emily was frightened by Hunter’s sudden outburst and crawled closer to me, taking a hold of my hand.

“It’s alright,” I soothed her, “there’s no need to be afraid.”

That was a big lie, because nothing was alright. Inside I worried like crazy that something would go wrong and I had no idea what I would have to do then. We waited, and waited and it felt like hours passed by, yet, still no Hunter in sight.

“Alright,” I spoke quietly to Emily. “If I tell you to wait behind that tree, do you think you could do that? I need to go check on Hunter, but I want you to stay safely hidden behind that tree over there.” I explained while pointing to the nearest tree trunk.

I didn’t wait for Emily’s response; instead I helped her get up right away, and walked her over to the tree.

“You stay here, alright?” I said while crouching down. “It is very important that you stay here, no matter what.”

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This chapter will be titled "Bigger Scars Make Better Stories" and you'll be able to read it here: Absolute Contamination on Wattpad

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