Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When inspiration strikes

Desks are associated with studying, or at least that's the case for me. So, whenever not highly necessary, I try to stay clear from them. I try to avoid mine as much as possible, because I'm already forced to spend too much time at it during my exams. This is the main reason why I do most of my writing on my bed, nice and comfy with a pillow behind my back and my headphones on. 

Now, during the past weekend, I simply couldn't write. I think I only managed to write about 300 words in over 72 hours. And trust me, that's frustrating. 

Then yesterday afternoon, I went to sit at my desk for absolutely no specific reason. Guess what? The words flowed so easily and I managed to write almost 10 times as much as I had during the weekend, and this in only a couple of hours. 

If only I had known sooner that all I really needed was a simple change of scenery...

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